5 lb Pail Five Star Black Synthetic Grease Type Tire Bead Lubricant


5 lb Pail Five Star black synthetic tire bead lubricant

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5 lb pail (approx 3/4 gallon) Five Star black grease type synthetic tire bead lubricant. One pail will do hundreds of tires. This is a vegetable base synthetic grease which is safe for rubber and made specifically for use on tires, petroleum base oils and grease can not be used on rubber it swells and rots it. This is a non-drying lube. It does not evaporate or dry out like bead lube pastes or mounting compound. This prevents bead tears when mounting difficult tires. Makes bead seating or popping the beads out easier on bead lock wheels such as on atv's. Prevents bead seizing and rim rusting for easier bead breaking when replacing the tires later. For tubeless and tube type tires safe and for aluminum or steel wheels. For use on all types of tires, ideal for ultra low profile tires, atv tires, lawn and garden tires, motorcycle tires, etc. This same product is sold under various other names such as frey lube, black slip, no rim rust, etc.

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