Tubes are leak tested when manufactured and inspected for defects, new tubes DO NOT have holes prior to being installed. Because of that we do not accept returns on tubes if you install it or attempt to install it.

There is NO WARRANTY and NO FREE REPLACEMENTS of tubes punctured or damaged while installing them or using them.

There is no warranty for tubes punctured or damaged from installer errors. If you pinch it, puncture it, tear the stem off it, pull the stem base loose, cut it , damage it, or destroy it WHILE attempting to install it YOU OWN IT.

There is no warranty for tubes punctured or damaged WHILE using it. If you puncture it, tear the stem off it, pull the stem base loose, cut it , damage it, or destroy it WHILE using it YOU OWN IT.

Installation of any tube requires the proper knowledge, tools, skills, experience, and preparation of the tire to accept the tube. We recommend you seek the help of a professional tire shop experienced with installing and working with tubes. We see numerous tubes pinched, punctured, destroyed, stems ripped off, etc from people attempting to install tubes themselves or repair their own tires who then contact us when the tire goes flat saying defective either because they don't know enough to figure out what happened or do know and expect us to give them free replacements when they goof. After 35 years repairing tube type tires and installing the same tubes we sell we have seen it all and heard just about every excuse and line in the book. Tube manufacturers DO NOT give out free tubes no matter what your story is, it's that simple. You figure out what went wrong, correct the issue, and patch it or buy another. Because of that we have a crystal clear policy YOU INSTALL IT OR ATTEMPT TO INSTALL IT YOU OWN  IT.

Shipping damage:

Shipping damage must be reported within 1 business day of receipt of your order. Failure to report any damage within 1 business day means you accept the condition of the items as delivered.  Note any damage to the carrier if you are present when delivery is made. Save any and all packaging as we will need to have it for submission of shipping carrier insurance claims. We WILL require the return of the items to us for inspection.

Shipping errors:

Please note that most tubes WILL  NOT have the complete size fitments printed on the tube or package. Most tubes are only identified with few sizes printed on the tube or package. BEFORE contacting us look on the product page under the "Tube will be identified with" section. This is what will be printed on the actual tube or bag. Then look under the "Tube fits" section. This is ALL the sizes the tube fits. That is how you determine if you have the correct tube for your size. If you received something different than what you ordered contact us.

Shipping transit time:

We DO NOT guarantee delivery by any specific date or time. We fill and ship orders as quickly as possible. We have no control over the carriers performance once they have the package. Issues outside of our control can arise where the delivery of a package is delayed. We are not responsible for any loss caused by delayed package delivery.

Order cancellation or changes:

If you need to change an order contact us immediately. Once the order ships there is no changing it or stopping it. For all orders placed and then buyer cancelled before shipped there will be a cancellation fee equal to the credit card authorization and processing fees of the purchase made. The payment processors such as PayPal no longer refund the credit card authorization and credit card fees for refunded transactions. This means cancelling an order costs money. We can not eat those fees on no sales due to buyers who change there mind or order then send a message to cancel.

Refused orders:

Any orders refused delivery WILL  NOT be refunded.

Returned items due to incorrect addresses:

Carefully review your address at checkout. Any orders returned to us due to an incorrect or invalid address provided by the customer will not be reshipped again . If your order is returned to us due to you providing an incorrect or invalid or USPS unrecognized address the order will be cancelled and refunded minus a restocking fee equal to the postage we lost sending the order.


Returns are accepted within 14 days of purchase provided the items are new, unused, have not been installed, and includes all packaging as it originally came.  WE DO NOT PAY RETURN SHIPPING. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Anyone returning anything that comes back to us with return shipping or postage due, freight collect, or return shipping charged to us will NOT receive any refund.

A RESTOCKING FEE equal to the amount of the postage or shipping we paid sending the order to you will be deducted from the return credit. This is because we offer free shipping and we do not get the shipping cost we spent sending you the order back when you return an order. We do realize ordering mistakes happen and we are not looking to profit on returns but we do need to break even or get back to square. In order to offer the lowest prices we can not lose or eat the shipping costs of sending orders due to customer ordering mistakes or customers who later change their mind. We will alert you of what the restocking fee (postage we spent sending the order) will be when approving returns.

A Return Merchandise Authorization is required for all returns. We  will not accept any return without an RMA. Returns sent without an RMA will be refused and will not be shipped back to you.

All returned items are inspected . Anyone returning items that were installed, used,  or damaged will NOT receive a refund.

Contact us for an RMA.

Limit of liability:

TireInnerTube.com will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by delays, failure, or any consequential damage arising from any cause whatsoever, nor for labor, shipping, or any other charges incurred in the replacement or repair of a defective item.