6.90/6.00-9 Firestone Inner Tube TR135 OFFSET Stem Trailer Split Wheels


Tube will be identified with: 6.90/6.00-9

Fits Sizes: 6.00-9, 6.90/6.00-9, 6.90-9

MPN: 542830

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Data sheet

Valve Stem
Fits rim diameters
For use in
Bias Tires Only

6.90/6.00-9 tube with the TR135 stem OFFSET to one side. The TR135 is the long hand bendable stem. It comes straight and you put the bend in it as needed, see last pics. This tube is ONLY for the old 9" trailer wheels that unbolt and split and have the valve stem hole offset towards the front and NOT centered in the wheel. If your stem hole or slot is centered in the wheel you need the JS2 stem version. This tube is not for use on NOT for use on one piece wheels and NOT for use in forklift tires. It can be used in tire sizes 6.90-9, 6.90/6.00-9, or 6.00-9.

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