34" rear tractor sizes

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Metric radial tractor tire sizes are displayed at the end of the list.

Modern tractor tire sizes are displayed just below. In modern tractor tire sizes the first number WILL ALWAYS contain a decimal. Example 11.2-28

Tractor tires built prior to approximately 1955 used a different sizing method. The number preceding the dash will be a whole number with NO DECIMAL points. Example 12-28 . Choose "Tractor Tire Sizing Prior to 1955" ONLY if the first number of your size does not contain a decimal. DO NOT simply drop the number after the decimal, that's not how the sizes crossed. For example a 12-28 does NOT use the same tube as a 12.4-28. A 12-28 crosses to and was replaced by a 13.6-28. See our tractor tire size cross chart for more info.

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To use the search box below enter the NUMBERS ONLY of your tire size in order in the search box WITHOUT any punctuation.
P235/75R15 you would enter 2357515
20X10.00-8 you would enter 2010008
5.50-16 you would enter 55016
18.4R38 you would enter 18438