24" Cable Valve Stem Fishing Tool For Assembling Tube Type Tires


Cable valve stem fishing tool for assembling tube type tires.

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24" long cable valve stem fishing tool used to ease assembly of tube type tires. Allows you to drop the stem down in the wheel to avoid cutting or smashing the tube stem while mounting the final bead of the tire with tube inside. After mounting the final bead the cable is used to pull or fish the stem up through the stem hole of the wheel. These are especially handy when mounting tractor tires with wheels bolted on the tractor that have the stems located to the inside. The long cable will work on all tires from the smallest lawn mower tires to the largest agricultural tires. Handle end has built in valve core remover and stem external thread cleaner. NOT FOR USE ON MOTORCYCLE WHEELS, THE STEM HOLE ON A MOTORCYCLE WHEEL IS TOO SMALL.

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