8 lb Pail Rema Tip Top Tire & Tube Mounting Compound Lube Soap Tire Lube


8 lb Pail Rema Tip Top Tire Mounting Compound

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8 lb pail of heavy tire mounting compound, approximately 1 gallon. This stuff is priceless if you work on tires, has several uses. Use it straight out of the bucket as is to lube up the beads on stiff tires. Use it straight out of the bucket as is to pack the beads and fill the void on tubeless tires and get them to take air, as the tire airs up it pushes the compound out and you can put it back in the bucket and reuse it again (no more dangerous ether). Dissolve it in water 1 part compound to 4 parts water and use it as a lube in the lube buckets of your tire changers. Dilute it in water 1:4 and use it as a leak detector, coat the tire with it using a squirt bottle or sprayer and wait for the foam to appear, helps find the smallest and toughest of leaks. It is safe for all types of rubber and contains a rust inhibitor to protect wheels.

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